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Mississauga Ontario is home to many great neighborhoods . One of the most up and coming areas is called Square One, it has many high rise condo buildings that are home to thousands of people. The reason this are got this name is because of Square One shopping centre, which is the biggest mall in Mississauga Ontario. Condo developments in the city centre include PSV, Wesley Tower, M City and Distrikt Condos they are mostly located along confederation parkway. Square One Condos are home to empty nesters, first time buyers, immigrants and families. The condo prices are affordable and average price is around 600K. Square One Condos are are walking distance to celebration square, mississauga art gallery , living arts centre, movie theatre, transit, restaurants, city centre, shopping mall and sheridan college.

Buying a condo in Mississauga ontario is possible by using professional services from a real estate agent. They will be able to know the condo market, grow initiative , know the pre construction market and new condo development that might be a great investment opportunity. Square one condo buildings would usually have great amenities such as swimming pool, gym, party room and other modern conviniences.

Downtown Mississauga is home to wide variety of cultures, international foods and entertainment. Living in the square one area will provide you with many opprtunities to enjoy this great city!

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Condo Buying Tips in Mississauga Ontario

Here are some tips when buying a Square One Condo in Mississauga ontario

Hire a professional agent , you want to find an agent that will work for you and with you. What differentiates a good agent from an OK agent is how much they are committed to finding you a property; you want an agent who will work with you and understands your needs. It is a good idea to find one agent and work with him or her, it is never a good idea to work with different agents.

Get financial pre qualification, visit your preferred mortgage broker and get pre-qualified it will save you time and money. You want to figure out what your comfortable monthly payments will be and stick within your budget. Also keep in mind when you purchase a Square Condo there will be a maintenance fee that you have to account into your monthly payment

Be open minded to newer as well as older Condos in Mississauga some benefits that you will find in older condos such as Webb, Kaneff, Hillcrest and Tucana is the size, these square one condos for sale offer spacious layouts that you do not find in new buildings anymore.

Think about resale value of your Square One Condo most people live in condos as a transition period before they purchase a home. Eventually you might want to sell square one condo unit by using a real estate agent remember a one plus den is more desirable over a 1 bedroom condo unit. Avoid condos beside the garbage dispenser or elevators. A modern kitchen is always a plus when buying your real estate investment.

Amenities are important factor when looking for Square One Condo in Mississauga Ontario, find out how much it will cost to rent out a party room, ask how many visitor parking spaces a building has and what are some restrictions (pets). Talk to some residents and ask about their experience in the square one buildings , find out what the ratio of tenant to owner is.

Know the comparable sales of the building, the advantage of buying mississauga condos as oppose to a house is the fact that apartments below and above are usually exactly identical, if the unit that you like ends in “05” find out recently sold stats for all “05” units in the same building. Your agent will provide this information for you.

When you make the offer make it conditional upon lawyer approval, financial approval and status certificate. You want to make sure your square one condos for sale does pass apraisal . Your Square One Real Estate agent will be able to help you with this.

Condos square one is your one stop shop for looking into condo prices, pre construction, listings, upcoming condo development and mississauga condo units that might not be for sale yet. Contact your real estate professionals today!

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